Problem Solving

Sometimes waves of problems wash over your enterprise and you need a new perspective. Maloney & Associates helps you find common sense solutions to those problems.


Conflicts the erupt into lawsuits now go to mediation before trial. With its emphasis on common sense, Maloney & Associates provides effective mediation services for litigated disputes.

Speaking & Training

Need a keynote speaker or trainer at your next meeting or conference? Maloney & Associates are gifted, entertaining, and talented speakers and trainers.

Since 1993

Got Stress? Get Common Sense

Common sense. What a novel idea. Maloney & Associates is all about common sense solutions to difficult business problems. Through mediation, strategic facilitation and problem-solving processes, Maloney & Associates has serviced hundreds of businesses and government agencies. Clients come from the private sector and public sector, and include the largest high technology companies to the smallest entrepreneurial start-ups and from large government agencies to small districts. Maloney & Associates looks at conflicts, disputes and business problems from a fresh, brutally honest and ethical perspective. If you are facing a difficult problem, whether a lawsuit, internal business conflict, or issues with your customers, clients or vendors, Maloney & Associates can help.



Since 1993

Problem Solver

Michael C. Maloney is a full time problem-solver and mediator. He is known fo resolving complex issues and conflicts with common sense. While he not only solves the existing problems, he also gives clients tools for recognizing and solving future conflicts. He is a well-regarded speaker on common sense, business ethics, listening and complex problem-solving. He spent 20 years working in business technology, real estate investment and pension fund businesses before forming Maloney & Associates.

Mr. Maloney has a Masters in Public Administration from USC and a B.A. in Public Administration from San Diego State University. In his spare time, Mr. Maloney is a surfer and a nationally known fly casting instructor.